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Our Board of Management

Our Board is responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the RPH Australia Co-Operative.

Board directors represent our member stations within the RPH Radio Reading Network.

Chair – Scott Black
Vice Chair – Paul Price
Secretary – Conrad Browne
Treasurer – Anjelin Thotakura

Elizabeth Macdonald
David Speyer
Kevin Roadnight
Sandra Purser

Image: RPH Australia Board members from left to right: David Speyer (VAR); Scott Black, Chair (4RPH); Elizabeth Macdonald (Print Radio Tasmania); Conrad Browne, Secretary (VAR); Anjelin Thotakura, Treasurer (VAR); Sandra Purser (1RPH).

All Executive and Board members of the Board of Management are Directors of the RPH Australia Co-Operative Ltd.

We appreciate the time, hard work and dedication of our volunteer Board members and sincerely thank them for their ongoing commitment.

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