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…the only radio services with a mission to provide access to information for Australians with a print disability.

The RPH Australia Radio Reading Network is a vital media partner, broadcasting important government information and other announcements to hard-to-reach audiences with a print disability.

The RPH Network plays a unique role in the Australian media landscape, offering ‘alternate format’ (spoken word) access to print media for those with a print disability.

Our audiences are valuable – they actively engage in ‘foreground listening’. Unlike background music or other talk-based radio programming, Radio Reading programs are designed to be heard, understood and retained by listeners.

RPH Audiences

Radio Reading programming is designed for broad appeal. Audience research estimates that between 3-6% of the Australian population listens to RPH services on a weekly/monthly basis.

Given Australia’s ageing population, the RPH Network has a strong and growing audience of older people, who are more likely to develop a print disability as a consequence of ageing.

The RPH Network also informs a range of ‘eyes-busy’ listeners, who take the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest print news and current affairs by tuning in to their local RPH radio reading service while on the road, or at work.

National Sponsorship Scheme

Our Network broadcasts on-air campaigns for local and national organisations, including federal, state and local governments.

It is recognised by government as an important policy enabler, allowing critical government information to reach those who would otherwise by unable to access it in print or online.

The scheme is a central booking, production, distribution and invoicing facility for information campaigns and other funded information segments broadcast nationally across the Radio Reading Network, as well as other community radio stations as part of their regular Radio Reading programs.

Sponsored segments raise awareness and understanding of issues and developments among RPH audiences.

To access RPH Australia’s National Sponsorship Scheme for your campaign, contact RPH Australia Sales on 0417 453 643.

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